Martin Velez

Hello, World! I am a Ph.D. Student in the Department of Computer Science at University of California, Davis. I am conducting research in Computer Science Education, Programming Languages, and Software Engineering. My vision is a world where everyone has useful computer science knowledge and skills. I hope my research helps make that vision a reality. You can contact me at

  • Have you tried Easy-to-use online IDE. Code together in real-time.


Heifer use of an automated grooming brush and potential for radiofrequency identification-based measurements of this behavior

Rachel L. Toaff-Rosenstein, Martin Velez, and Cassandra B. Tucker
Accepted and peer-reviewed, to appear in Journal of Dairy Science (2017)

A Study of" Wheat" and "Chaff" in Source Code

Martin Velez, Dong Qiu, You Zhou, Earl T. Barr, and Zhendong Su
arXiv preprint arXiv:1502.01410 (2015)


Checkout my Github, and Bitbucket for a full list of my repositories.

  • Kodethon: A cloud development environment.
  • Categorizer (Demo): Organize coffee flavor attributes into trees. Used to develop the new coffee flavor wheel!
  • Lexical Distinguishability: What is the essence of code?
  • Bovine Respiratory Disease: Track the grooming behavior of steer (male cows) to better diagnose those that suffer from bovine respiratory disease.


Ph.D. in Computer Science (Expected 2018)
University of California, Davis, USA
Advisor: Prof. Zhendong Su
Thesis: TBD

B.A. in Economics (2010)
University of California, Davis, USA


Programming Languages (ECS140A), Teaching Assistant, Winter 2017

Programming Languages (ECS140A), Teaching Assistant, Winter 2016

Programming Languages (ECS140A), Teaching Assistant, Fall 2015


SPLASH 2014 Student Research Competition (1st Place), 2014

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, 2013

UCD College of Engineering Towards Outstanding and Promising Students (TOPS) Fellowship, 2012


PLDI 2016, Student Volunteer

FSE 2016, Web Co-chair